Which type of business advertising flags can help your business?

Many businesses use flags as a fundamental part of their advertising. The advertising flags and banners we offer are brilliantly colored, and provide eye-catching motion. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them a perfect addition to any advertising campaign and ultimately a lasting way to promote your product or service.2015-11-03_104604

Retail stores use them to promote their stores… Location, Products, Special Promotions, Now Hiring, Hours of Operation or a new store that is “Coming Soon”. Builders and developers use them to announce New Housing Developments “New Homes or Models”. Realtors may want to shout out an “Open House”. Maybe you want the community to know about a special event.  Come on in…. Check us out…

Familiar logo designs makes customers think of a business that has been established, a business that is strong and reliable. We can print or applique (hand sewn, fabric to fabric) your custom logo on all sorts of substrates.

Tall skinny flags, such as, blade, feather, teardrop, bow and razor flags etc, are a very useful and effective marketing tools for all businesses. These flags are uniquely eye catching with vivid colors and unmistakable style. Messages can be placed stacked or sideways. We can make layout suggestions for best appearance and utilization of space.

We carry business specific flags as well as solid colored and patriotic styles. Check out some of our other stock choices that advertise car dealerships, hardware stores, or garden blade flags.

Blade flags are displayed on a flexible pole that keeps the flag open regardless of wind conditions. The pole attaches to a ground spike or weighted cross base.


Teardrop flags are uniquely shaped and extremely visible. Their sleek designs and beautiful colors make these flags a truly viable advertisement for any business. The typeface on our teardrop flags typically start from the top of the tear and descend downward so as to gradually draw the reader’s eye down the word.


The flexible flagpoles for the Blades and Teardrops above remind me of a fishing pole. They attach to a ground spike or cross base.

Feather (or Rectangular) flags are raised up vertically from the ground and take on the look of, you guessed it, a feather. Their movement in the wind causes them to gain extra attention and therefore draw in your customer’s eye. We offer custom feather flags as well as stock options. We recommend displaying these flags on our flexible telescoping flagpoles. These poles work best if you concrete the ground sleeve in the ground, but some of my customers drive rebar in the ground and put the pole over that.


Particularly for this “skinny flag” application we recommend single thickness with a reverse back for outdoor use. The backside will be a mirror image (trust me, the brain flips the lettering).  Double sided flags read correctly on both sides. They are two flags sewn back to back. The flag is heavier and less practical since it stresses the hardware. Double flags may make sense for indoor use at trade shows.


ABOUT FLAGS! has all types of flags for your business advertising needs. We have all the hardware and accessories to get your brand flying high. Our site has over 3000 items available for purchase. All of our flags and banners are held to the up-most standard and are manufactured using only high quality materials and fabrics. We stride to make sure that our business customers receive the flag or banner that is best suited to serve their particular purpose. To order… call us at 1-800-621-FLAG (3524) or go to our Website.

Thank you for thinking ABOUT FLAGS! Where quality and service wave above them all…

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