What can you do with advertising flags and banners? Just about anything.

From big traditional rectangular flags, to eye-catching vertical flags, to blade flags than rise from the ground and sway in the breeze, promoting your business with these tools can be highly effective and profitable for you. Advertising flags and banners are economical marketers that work around the clock.

Who uses advertising flags and banners? Homebuilders use them to draw attention to their new housing developments. Restaurants use them to get people hungry. Clothing stores use them to advertise sales. New businesses use them to let everybody know they’re now open.

About Flags specializes in designing customized flags and banners that get noticed. We’re experienced in working with a wide range of business and organization types and can offer good advice on what to say on your flag.

If you don’t need a customized flag, we stock plenty of “generic” flags to promote grand openings, sales, auctions, clearances, open houses and much more. Whatever you’re promoting, we have the flags and banners you need to do it effectively.

Your specific promotion and business will dictate the best size and style of flag for your marketing efforts. We’re able to help you in this regard, having sold thousands of flags over the years that went on to be excellent attention-getters for our customers. We can also work from your exact design specifications.

Look around you as you drive in your car, and you’ll see more and more advertising flags and banners being used by businesses that used to use billboards and other, more expensive advertising methods. Flags and banners are beautiful to look at and can send just the right message for your offering.

Call About Flags today at (800) 621-3524, and ask how we can help you make a big splash with your next promotion. Our experienced staff would be happy to speak with you. If you prefer, you can contact us on our website.

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