Things to Consider Before Buying Commercial Flags

For many businesses, commercial flags are a key part of targeted marketing for a particular service, amenity or staple. From real estate and apartment rentals to car dealerships and an infinite variety of brick-and-mortar businesses, commercial flags provide the specifics on an item or items for sale that reach specific customers as they pass by. There are a number of important considerations for all businesses to consider before buying commercial flags.

Short and Specific Messages Are Best

The effectiveness of commercial flags can be greatly enhanced when the message is very short and to the point. While “SALE” can be short and to the point, it can be vague. It may be better to say “30% Off Everything!” If the sale is about a specific type of merchandise that can be summed up in one word, incorporate that word into the message.

Consider Size, Placement and Surroundings

The location of your business and the surroundings are important considerations when deciding on commercial flags. If the traffic in front of your business is all cars and no pedestrians, and it is movingfairly fast (greater than 35 mph) this should inform the size and colors of your commercial flag. Bigger isn’t always better, but you want to be sure that it will register with passing motorists.

Some Flag Movement Is Good While Too Much Is Bad

The same thing that applies for location also goes for movement. Commercial flags that provide some movement while still being able to be read are a good thing. Too much movement that hampers clear reading is a bad thing, so the material and construction also matters. Your commercial flag vendor should be able to work with you and explain how the design, materials and construction will ensure that you get enough but not too much movement under heavy wind conditions.

These are just several of the things to consider before purchasing commercial flags. To learn more about how commercial flags can be designed and used, click here.

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