Thanksgiving: The Right, the Wrong, and the Confusing


Greetings Everybody! It’s Abby here to talk about one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!

Many things come to mind when I think of Thanksgiving; the homemade food, the time spent with family and friends, football games, parades, and all the great memories from past celebrations. Although these are staples of this holiday, the biggest thing that comes to mind about Thanksgiving is sharing what I’m thankful for each year. This is the cornerstone of what thanksgiving is all about. I believe that no matter how bad things seem in life there’s always a Bright side and however small it may be, it’s something to be thankful for. Of course, this mentality may be due to my hopelessly optimistic mindset but that’s beside the point. This Thanksgiving we all have something to be appreciative of. Whether it’s a big fancy meal, the company of family and friends, or just the fact that you are on this earth breathing, we can all be thankful for something this Thanksgiving.

The entire reason we celebrate Thanksgiving is to stop our daily routine to celebrate and give thanks for what we have. The history behind this holiday of appreciation is long, quite confusing, and more often than not, wrong. Some believe the first Thanksgiving started with the Puritan Pilgrims whom had a pleasant meal with the Native Americans in order to give thanks for the peace between the two peoples. This of course, is far from the truth. The Pilgrims and Native Americans were not friends and were actually quite the opposite. They were often at war and tortured one another’s people. Almost everything about the Native American and Pilgrim’s “first Thanksgiving” is wrong. This even includes the food they ate at this meal being in no relation to our traditional Thanksgiving meals today. For example, they ate mussels, venison, and eel which are all far from the famous Thanksgiving turkey of which there is no proof of them eating. So why is our Thanksgiving so different from that and what’s the true story? The real first Thanksgiving took place in 1789 after a proclamation made by George Washington. From then on, it was celebrated on and off until Abraham Lincoln made it an official Federal holiday in 1863, his reasoning for the holiday’s creation was mostly to keep spirits up during the grueling civil war. This accurate history explains why almost all of the food we eat for thanksgiving is from the 19th century. If you’re still left wondering why and how the false Thanksgiving history was started, no one actually knows for sure. The myths date back to the beginning of the 1900s and while there are some theories as to how it started, there isn’t enough evidence for any of them to be backed up and considered fact. The history of Thanksgiving may not be what we thought it was, but that should not defer us from celebrating our modern Thanksgiving holiday.

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