Sweet Deal for February and Valentine’s Day!

Sweet Deal for February and Valentine’s Day!

SWEET10 valentines
SWEET10 for 10% off

How sweet it is to be loved by you! Because we love you, we’ve got a great flag offer for you…

We want to show how much we love our friends and customers by offering a 10% COUPON CODE valid on all online orders for OUTDOOR US Flags, and ALL state flags through the month of February! Just use the promo code SWEET10 at checkout!


Valentine’s Gifts

Time to think about your sweetie! What sort of gift can you buy that’s different and fun? Have you considered a family crest flag? These look great flying in front of a business or a home! Custom flags add excitement and a personal touch to your outdoor displays. Your honey will appreciate the extra thought and effort that goes into a personal gift.

If you’d rather purchase a Valentine’s flag, we have them, too! We have two different stock flags to choose from:

Valentine Heart Flag
Valentine Heart’s Flag
Valentine Day Flag
Valentine’s Day Flag

Just hearts or a special flag for the day — they both offer bright red prints that truly stand out!

Valentine’s Day

But what is Valentine’s Day, anyway? As with many modern holidays, it is believed to have originated as a pagan festival, and over the years it has grown into a staple of popular culture. People in Canada, France, Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom all share in the celebration. In the United States,Valentine’s Day has become the second biggest greeting card holiday, with Christmas being the first. Since February 14 was believed to be the start of the birds’ mating season in England and France, it’s only natural that romance was incorporated into the holiday. Each February has now come to mean that love is in the air.


In the early 1700s, Americans made valentines by hand. A woman known as the “Mother of the Valentine” started making her own creations. This woman, Esther A. Howland, mass-produced these cards and sold them in America in the 1840s. She used ribbons, lace and colorful pictures known as “scrap” to create these valentines. Improvements in printing technology and cheaper postage rates contributed to an increase in card popularity by 1900. Ready-made cards were a simple and convenient way for people to express their feelings.


Valentine’s Day has grown into a multi-billion dollar holiday, with people spending more and more of their money to show their love. They tend to buy not only cards and candy, but also flowers, jewelry, dinners, shows, and even vacations. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebirds anymore. Many cards and gifts are presented to family members such as kids and parents. Teachers and classmates are showered with love, and many coworkers also exchange cards and candy. We’d love to get a new tradition started with flags! Family crest flags, US flags, state flags, and holiday flags would all make great gifts for the love of your life!

Why Flags?

Color and motion gets your company waving above them all.

  • Catch the eye with flags, banners and soft signage made of all sorts of fabrics for indoor or outdoor use.
  • We have all the hardware and accessories to get your brand flying high.
  • Our Blade and Feathery Type Flags really stand out.
  • Is your American Flag winter worn? Sewn stripes, embroidered stars, industrial quality. All made in the USA.
  • Over 30 years experience. Over 3000 items on our website.

Let us help you brainstorm your marketing ideas.

Remember to use the promo code SWEET10 at checkout and get 10% off your next online order of outdoor US flags or any of our state flags.

Go to www.aboutflags.com and think… ABOUT FLAGS!


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