Missouri Flag


H&G = Heading and grommets. Usually outdoor use for regular inground flagpoles.
PH = Pole Hem NO Fringe. Can be used on a 5 ft or 6 ft outdoor flagpole that extends from a building or Indoor use for flag sets and/or parade poles.
PHF = Pole Hem Fringe. Indoor use for flag sets and/or parade poles.

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This flag was adopted on September 4, 1913. The colors of the flag are red, white , blue, green, brown, gold and black. The flag was designed in1908. The designer is Mary Elizabeth Oliver. The design has red and white stripes that represent valor and purity, respectively. The blue represents: the permanency, vigilance, and justice of the state. The three colors also represent the French influence on the state in its early years. In the center of the white stripe is the Seal of Missouri, circled by a blue band containing twenty-four stars. The stars symbolize Missouri’s admission as the twenty-fourth U.S. state. The middle of the seal contains the Great Seal of the United States on the right side. On the left side are symbols representing the state. On both sides of the center circle, a bear represents strength and bravery; a crescent moon represents the newness of statehood and the potential for growth. Around these symbols is the motto-United we stand, divided we fall. The belt buckle represents the state’s ability to secede from the Union if deemed necessary as an example, the belt can be unbuckled. Two grizzly bears support this center shield. A scroll has the state motto-Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto, meaning -Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law. The year 1820 is in Roman numerals below the scroll represent statehood, although Missouri was not officially granted statehood until 1821. The outer circle of the seal bears the words-The Great Seal of the State of Missouri. Above the shield is a helmet representing Missouri’s state sovereignty. The large star above the helmet surrounded by twenty three smaller stars represents Missouri’s status as the twenty fourth state. There is a star representing each of the other states that were in the Union at that time. The cloud around the stars represents the problems Missouri faced while becoming a state. All outdoor flags are finished with heading and brass grommets (H&G). PH denotes pole hem for indoor and parade use. PHF denotes pole hem and gold fringe.

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Nylon – 12 inches by 18 inches – H&G, Nylon – 2 feet by 3 – feet H&G, Nylon – 3 feet by 5 feet – H&G, Nylon 4 feet by 6 feet H&G, Nylon – 5 feet by 8 feet – H&G, Nylon – 6 feet by 10 feet – H&G, Nylon 3 feet by 5 feet PH, Nylon 4 feet by 6 feet PH, Nylon 3 feet by 5 feet PHF, Nylon 4 feet by 6 feet PHF, Polyester Bunting 3 feet by 5 feet H&G, Polyester Bunting 4 feet by 6 feet H&G, Polyester Bunting 5 feet by 8 feet H&G

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