Grand Opening Banners


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Grand opening banners get immediate attention

If you?re opening anything ? a retail shop, a restaurant, a nail salon, a law office, or any other type of venture ? a grand opening flags and banner will tell everybody about it. Flags and Banners are excellent attention-getting tools. They?re easy to see, easy to read and totally non-intrusive.

About Flags is ready to supply you with handsome, eye-catching grand opening flags and banners to tell passing motorists and pedestrians that you?re now open and ready for business. Virtually any kind of company, organization or independent professional can benefit from the exposure these colorful banners provide.

Whatever your needs, we have a banner to publicize your grand opening that?s the perfect size. You can choose from among five-foot, 10-foot and 20-foot styles in vibrant colors with the words GRAND OPENING jumping out at anybody who glances in your direction.

Used in conjunction with your other grand opening marketing efforts, a bright banner will help you get the recognition you need to succeed. They?re truly a cost-effective method of standing up, speaking out and letting the world ? or at least your immediate market ? know you?re open and ready to serve.

Our grand opening flags and banners are made of bright fluorescent, heavy-duty weatherized cloth. They?re double-sewn with five-foot rope ties on all four corners.

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3 feet by 10 feet, 3 feet by 20 feet, 3 feet by 5 feet

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