Christian Flag Set


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This flag was created to represent all of Christianity and Christendom but is most popular among Protestant Churches. The colors are white, blue, and red. The design consists of a white background and a blue square in the upper left corner with a red cross in it. The flag was adopted on January 23rd, 1942. It was designed in on September 26th, 1897. It was designed by Charles C. Overton and Ralph Diffendorfer. Decoration fringed or plain. Type completely sewn. Finished with a pole pocket that attaches to an oak flagpole. The display is completed with a gold floor stand, an attractive cross made from Brass plated aluminum, and a gold cord & tassel.

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Pole and Flag Size

3 feet x 5 feet / Pole 8' x 11/4" / Fringed, 3 feet x 5 feet / Pole 8′ x 11/4″ / Plain, 4 feet x 6 feet / Pole 9′ x 11/4″ / Fringed, 4 feet x 6 feet / Pole 9′ x 11/4″ / Plain

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