Stick Flags

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Use for Holidays, Cemeteries, Classrooms, and Promotional give away items. All flags in this section are made in the U.S.A.

State, International and Religious stick flags are also available along flag stands. Please call for additional information.
We offer a great line of stick flags for many uses and occasions. All of our stick flags are made with extremely high quality in the United States of America. A lot of U.S. holidays can typically have these stick flags, such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and some would even say the Superbowl. Other places where you could see these flags are in classrooms, doctor’s offices, café’s, coffee shops, etc. Smarty business owners often give these stick flags away as promotional giveaways. This shows that the business cars about their country, which every American appreciates.

Our classroom flags are fine grade polyester silk. All of which are speared and they come in a box of 12. All of the flags are mounted on black wooden staffs and come adorned with spear tops. Some of the most memorable and iconic times during school are standing for the pledge of allegiance, it is our honor to help this tradition of patriotism continue.

We offer U.S. antenna stick flags so that you can mark your automobile with a piece of patriotic flair. These come in packs of 12, are made form 100% cotton, and are fully secured with a durable polyethylene clip. Another piece of patriotic automotive flair we offer is the U.S. auto window stick flag. This is a 12 x 13 flag made of strong polyester. This mounts on a 1 piece bracket which is manufactured out of extremely high-tech, space-age plastic. We also offer custom stick flags. Call for details.

We offer Cotton U.S. stick flags with and without spear.

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