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These State & Territory flags are sewn, dyed or a combination, depending on the complexity of the design or the popularity of the flag. Outdoor flags are finished with heading and brass grommets. PHF denotes Pole hems and gold fringe for indoor and parade use.

We offer an extremely popular line of state and territorial flags. All of our flags are meticulously sewn, dyed, or a combination of both. We offer flags in thirteen sizes that range from 12″ x 18″ to 6′ x 10′. This gives you much variability with regard to your flags usage. Several sizes of our state flags come with heading and brass grommets. These are denoted by H&G in the finish column of our inventory webpage. Additionally, we offer our state flags with pole hem for indoor and parade usage. These are marked with PH in the finish column. Lastly, we offer pole hem and gold fringe as a fancier and flashier option. These are designated with PHF.

State flags of the United States
State flags are becoming increasingly popular in local restaurants, bars, and various other establishments. Some more typical places where you might see a state flag are libraries, schools, civic organizations, local government offices, etc. You might want to decorate your garage with a flag of your home state. Or you might want to honor the state where you were born. Or you might just want your own state flag collection!

Territorial Flags
Lesser-known U.S. territorial flags are unique and hard to find. We pride ourselves on offering you these flags, as they aren’t nearly as easy to obtain as the other state flags. Virgin Islands, Guam, the District of Columbia, and American Samoa all have beautifully designed flags that we offer right here on our website. These would make any U.S. state flag collection stand out.

Finally we offer the fifty state set. These are all made of the same high-quality nylon, and they are all finished with brass grommets and heading. These are specifically made for usage outdoors on flagpoles with halyards. These extremely well made state flags have pole hems that are lined with flannel, which directly attaches to the pole with a reinforced tab sewn right into the hem. Pole hem fringe flags all obviously boast the pole hem, but also are trimmed with a beautiful golden yellow rayon fringe for indoor usage, as well as parade usage.

If you want to purchase any state Flag or Territorial flag from us, Please call us Tool Free at 800-621-3524 or fill out our requirements form.

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