International Flags

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These flags are sewn, dyed or a combination, depending on the complexity of the design or the popularity of the flag. United Nations members are noted. All flags finished with heading and brass grommets. Pole hems and/or fringe can be added.

We offer a full line of international flags ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. These flags are produced in a number of ways depending on how intricate the designs are. Depending on how popular the flag is will denote how many we usually carry in stock. If you are interested in a lesser-known country it would be a good idea to call should you need to order a large amount. All countries that participate in the United Nations are noted. All of our international flogs adorn a beautiful heading and long-lasting, durable brass grommets. For an additional charge you can opt to accessorize your international flag with pole hems and/or fringe. This option would accentuate your vividly colored international flag no matter the setting. Show pride for your country and order one today!

A lot of ethnic food restaurants like to display their country’s flag to show authenticity. Also, a lot of restaurants with a large contingency of workers from a specific country like to hang a flag in order to boost staff morale. There are dozens of reasons why you would want to display a flag from a country that you are from. In the United States, however, some people are starting to display flags of countries that they are not from for a new reason. This reason is that international soccer is gaining much popularity in the U.S.A. We cater to all of the teams who participate in the World Cup, and provide much better quality flags than our competition due to the materials we use, including but not limited to the nylon and brass. Also, our careful embroidery is a subtle feature that makes a world of difference in terms of flag durability and life.

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