Our authentic reproduction of flags from American history is manufactured with the same high quality outdoor construction as our state and international flags. All our historical flags finished with heading and brass grommets. Pole hems (PH) and/or fringe can be added.

Historical Flags
We offer a truly impressive line of American historical flags in all shapes and sizes you need. These flags are durably made from the same outdoor construction material that we use for our state and international flags. All of our flags are finished with heading and brass grommets, which really add an extra subtle touch of class to each of our historical flags.

Our reproduction of the actual Star Spangled Banner, the inspiration for our National Anthem, is a particularly important flag that we carry. For its beauty and its patriotic significance, this historic flag hangs in many places that want to flaunt their American pride.

Another particularly important historical flag reproduction that we offer is the Betsy Ross flag. Betsy Ross, an important American historical figure, created this flag. She decided that each of the 13 stars should represent the union, saying that they represent a new constellation. The thirteen states, she decided, should be represented through alternating red and white stripes.

We also carry a Historic Remembrance flag that honors the policemen and the firemen who perished during the 9/11 attacks. These flags have an extremely high quality digital print with a reverse back, finished heading, and grommets for outdoor use. This flag hangs as a constant reminder that we can never forget what happened to us on our soil. This historical flags also reminds us to pay respect daily to those who vow to serve and protect us.

These are several examples of our historical flags, but we offer many more. Please feel free to call us Tool Free at 800-621-3524 with more questions you may have. Also, please don’t hesitate to browse our selection of American historical flags online.

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