Flag Sets

OVERSIZED SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY. We will manually recalculate oversized shipping charges for multiple sets. The charge on the site assumes one set; therefore, multiple sets may be less.

We offer flag sets to add style and character to any room. Generally, we have made these flag sets to cater to some specific religious organizations. They can be used in houses of worship, religious schools, monasteries, synagogues, temples, etc. We also offer a United States of American complete set to celebrate our country, a country that allows for any religious practice, and that celebrates religious tolerance.

Our Christian flag set is completely sewn as opposed to other flags we offer which are made from a durable nylon. Additionally, a pole pocket attaches to the flagpole. The flagpole is mounted onto a gold floor stand. The flagpole itself is adorned with a beautiful gold cross, a gold cord, and a tassel.

Our Episcopal flag set comes complete with a fringed nylon flag which is finished with a pole pocket that fastens to the flagpole. The flagpole rests in a gold floor stand and is topped with a handsome brass plated aluminum church cross, gold cord, and tassel.

Our Papal/Vatican flag set includes a fringed nylon flag with a finished pole pocket that attaches to the flagpole. Like our Christian Flag set, the flagpole itself is topped with a brass plated aluminum church cross, a gold chord, and tassel.

The Presbyterian flag set that we offer includes a flag that is fringed, is silk screen printed, and is made of durable nylon. The flag itself has a pole pocket that attaches to a georgeous oak flagpole. Like the aforementioned flags, the Presbyterian flag set also features a gold floor stand, a gold cross, a gold chord, and tassel.

Our flag sets that represent Zion (Israel), Bhuddism, The United States, the United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church all have similar features as the aforementioned flag sets.

We offer accessories such as mounting sets for indoor flag presentations, flag spreaders, spinning pole estate sets as well.

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