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These flags rise to the occasion for parties, holidays and special events!

Buy Celebration & Specialty Flags with Confidence
Our celebration flags and specialty flags represent different elements for any party, holiday, or event. They are a wonderful addition to any event and they illustrate that the host/hostess really care about making memories. Some of our Specialty flags are general without any sort of holiday associated with the image, such as a cocktail banner or flag. These would suit a classy black tie event well, or even a more casual office party should you want your staff to feel comfortable.

Rainbow flags, smiley face flags and pineapple flags are all also general image flags that we offer. Each of these celebration flags could be creatively utilized to set the mood or ambiance a large variety of events.

Additionally, we offer holiday specific flags. Some of our classic Christmas flags sport holiday horns, Santa on a rooftop, a simple “MERRY CHRISTMAS” around Santa’s face, and a sleigh among others. There are seasonal winter flags, also. These include happy holidays flags with snowmen and one that simply says ‘winter’.

Other holiday flags we offer include Hanukah, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, etc. A lot of these include very unique illustrations that help to add a festive vibe wherever they are displayed. For example, an extremely cute ghost or a jack-o-lantern adorns two Halloween flags respectively. Or two hearts and a cupid for Valentine’s Day.

Some of our flags have to do with Marriage, such as the comical ‘just married’ flag that sports a ball and chain. While another more serious flag celebrates a wedding anniversary.

We carry a large selection of celebration flags and Specialty flags, so please browse our selection online. If you are looking for something that you don’t see, please call us Tool Free at 800-621-3524 to see if there is a possibility for us to expand our inventory.

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