Bunting & Patriotic Decor

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Red, White and Blue decorations for the Star Spangled Banner look that would make Uncle Sam proud!

Our bunting and patriotic décor is all classically designed and not at all gaudy. We stick to the basics. We offer a wide variety of fan drapes.

Some of which are striped half drapes, while other are full fan drapes. Full fan drapes look great below windows, while half drapes can be tastefully hung on either side of a window sill.

We feature a 50 star pulldown, a colonial pulldown, and a mourning pulldown. The 50 star pull down is a new take on a modern classic. These can be hung from your garage, your deck, etc. And conversely we offer the more classically designed colonial pulldown. These pulldowns adorn stadiums, concerts halls, libraries, etc. They can be festive on holidays like the 4th of July, or they can just be decorative for any time of year. Our mourning pulldown is a tasteful commemoration of a lost loved one. This model in particular would be appropriate to hang during a celebration of life ceremony, or a luncheon after a funeral.

We now offer honor and remember flags. These were developed by the Honor and Remember Organization to create a nationally recognized symbol to honor all who have lost their lives in the name of American freedom and democracy. A portion of these proceeds go right back to the Honor and Remember organization.

Any of these fans can be used for the fourth of July, as all of them are beautiful illustrations of patriotism, however we do offer a special 4th of July flag that displays two American flags and a firework exploding. Truly the rocket’s red glare.

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