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Our blade flags, Feather and teardrop flags are uniquely eye-catching, with vivid colors and unmistakable style; these flags have images on the front and read reverse on the back side. All of the flags are made of durable single thickness material. Double-sided flags are less advantageous for businesses because they are heavier and could stress the hardware.

We Offer a Wide Selection of Blade Flags
Some of the available styles we have available in our blade collection are solid colored or patriot, while others are more business specific. Some of our business specific blade flags advertise car dealerships, hardware stores, or garden centers. Blade flags are classic advertising. Familiar design makes customers think of a business that has been established, a business that is strong, and a business that is reliable. The 12′ flexible flagpole is sufficient for this 11′ flag, unless you have a need to get the message higher up in the air in which case the 16′ would work.

Choose Your Tear Drop Flags
Our teardrop flags are uniquely shaped and extremely visible. All of our teardrop flags are fully sewn, save for the black and white checker design, which is aniline dyed. Their sleek designs and beautiful colors make these flags a truly visible advertisement for any business. The typeface on our tear drop flags start from the top of the tear and descend downward so as to gradually draw the reader’s eye down the word.

Buy Custom Feather Flags from Our Collection
Our custom feather flags are recognizable because they rely on how they look when waving, or dancing. They are raised up vertically from the ground and take on the look of a, you guessed it, feather. Their movements in the wind cause them to gain extra attention and therefore draw in your customer’s eye. They come in patriot colors, as well. We offer patriotic colored feather flags with tails, with a space for messages, patriot wave banners, and more!

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