American / United States Flags

Our U.S. Flags meet high quality standards that endure high wind and blazing sun. We offer a variety of qualities. See the fabric section in our Info Center for more detailed information. All flags in this section are made in the U.S.A.

Our flags that represent the United States of America are held to the highest of standards. We want our country’s symbol of freedom to endure the worst weather possible and remain intact, colors bright as ever. That is why we produce all of our U.S. flags right here in the United States. We also offer several wonderful options so that you can flaunt your patriotism however you wish.

We offer U.S. outdoor flags, which are industrial quality and feature embroidered stars and double needle sewn stripes. Four needle reinforced fly hems slow down “blow out” from the wind that snaps the fly end. Embroidered star fields are particularly stunning. All of these flags boast a canvas heading and strong brass grommets. We use 2 ply polyester which is considered the “longest lasting” flag or 200 Denier nylon which flies prettier and has more of a shine. We also offer similar flags in larger sizes. They are basically manufactured the same way except that the larger models have four to six needle reinforcements and are finished with a roped canvas heading and thimbles.

We offer U.S. outdoor flags with pole hem and tabs. This model features sewn stripes and embroidered stars. They include a pole pocket and leather tab to display on a pole with a bracket that is mounted onto the wall of your house or place of business. We carry flagpoles and brackets, but they are not included with this product. The material used for these U.S. made outdoor flags will endure the elements, making sure that the colors don’t bleed.

Our U.S. complete set comes with a long-lasting nylon flag with meticulously embroidered stars and stripes. The stars are shiny and stand out majestically against the blue backdrop. It’s pole pocket attaches directly to an oak or adjustable aluminum finished flagpole. The flagpole is adorned with a magnificent Gold aluminum or ABS Styrene perched or flying eagle.

Our 200 Denier U.S. indoor flag has a flannel lined pole hem with attachment tabs. The superior Bemberg Rayon flag is beautifully made but needs a two to four week lead time for production.

Lastly our 50 Star United States windsock is made of strong nylon and has embroidered stars and stripes. The windsock is a classic design that that is made to be a less conventional decoration than a more conservative rectangular design.

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