What is a masterpiece of art without a high-quality frame to accentuate the painting? We understand that flags need to be supported and enhanced by accessories in order to get the best results out of your purchase. This is why we offer high-quality accessories, parts & hardware to help display your flag. Combined with your flag, these flag pole accessories will help you add a new level of beauty and prominence to your room, your office, your store, your parade, your place of worship, or literally anywhere that you choose to display your flag.

Flag Pole Accessories, Parts & Hardware
Firstly we have brackets and sockets to support the base of your flagpole. There are countless ways that you can erect your flag. Do you want your flag being plunged into the ground? Perhaps you want your flag to point at a 45 degree angle. Maybe a 55 degree angle. Any of these things are possible when you have quality sockets and brackets available to you.

Our 45 degree bracket is made of strong and lasting aluminum. A thumbscrew is included to keep your flagpole steady. We offer two materials so that either your flag will match your bracket, or so that you can use different flags of similar coloring for the same bracket. The first is a solid brass and the second is cast aluminum.

We also offer two adjustable brackets. One offers much versatility with 13 different positions. This model is called the adjustable ultimate bracket. And the other one is called the adjustable bracket which offers angle versatility, but without as many options.

We have multiple products to help you stand your flag from the ground up. These include an aluminum lawn socket, a bow/feather flag swivel ground stake, a cast aluminum lawn socket, a smaller corkscrew anchor ground spike, and a rotating ground spike. Each of these helps you use the natural stability of the earth to help you display your flag outdoors. Feel free to contact us or browse our inventory online to gather more information about these.

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