Why It Pays To Advertise Your Business with Custom Bow Flags

They have been referred to by many names—feather flags, flutter flags, windless banners—but are most commonly referred to as bow flags.This staple of outdoor brick-and-mortar business advertising has been around in one form or another since the 1970’s. It’s only become the ubiquitous business and event advertising medium in the last two decades.

As one of the most preferential methods for displaying indoor or outdoor advertisements for any business or event, the physical characteristics of bow flags are meant for short advertising or branding messages. Ideally one or two words or a logo is displayed on each as their sail-like structure and portability are designed to be eye-catching and festive.

Consequently, the physical design, appearance, and relatively low cost of custom bow flags make them ideal and highly effective when used in a series to broadcast an advertising message with just one or two words per flag.

Since custom bow flags are more cost effective than billboards and most forms of portable advertising, they provide versatility in application. This can range from sidewalk sales and short-term specials to almost any type of event or festival, trade show, sporting events and much more. The durability of the materials used by leading manufacturers makes them able to stand up to a variety of weather conditions such as moderate wind, rain, and even winter weather.

Physically, custom bow flags are constructed with light but sturdy pole attachments that ensure they remain stretched for optimal viewing while still appearing to provide movement in conditions where there is no wind at all. Conversely, higher winds are no problem as their design enables them to minimize the flutter effect so that they remain dynamic in a breeze but still readable by passersby.

Stand attachments and other methods can be part of the design to enable them to be free standing or attached to a structure.Printing options with custom bow flags are nearly infinite with almost any color combination as well as custom logos, emblems, lettering or graphics that can be tailored to specific promotions, events or businesses.

One of the key facets of custom bow flags is their portability, which is a vital component in spot advertising or short duration campaigns. Ideal for publicizing new merchandise or coming attractions, they can be used throughout several areas as the displays can be relocated without difficulty.Carrying cases are often enclosed with these items to make setup and transport even easier and their portable design ensures that they can be set up and disassembled in a matter of minutes.

Advertisers take advantage of their low cost in order to have the ability to change their message as often as their location with many making monthly investments in new message signs for specific events or design elements. This allows them to be displayed for shorter durations for maximum effectiveness and to keep campaigns fresh and interesting.

Ideally, custom bow flags are utilized for a day or two and then taken down for a day or two to increase their freshness in the minds of potential customers. Today, even the smallest business can afford the cost of custom bow flags and no business can afford to do without them.

In order to learn more about custom bow flags, the design process, and the limitless options available with hundreds of designs to fit your need, be sure to follow this custom bow flags link on the About Flags website. You will be able to see the possibilities, affordability, and process for making custom bow flags that will provide highly targeted advertising campaign elements that will have a positive effect on the bottom line for your business or event.

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