Patriot Day — don’t forget to lower your flag!

Patriot Day, National Day of Service & Remembrance

Patriot day

Half-staff Patriot Day Reminder

Here’s your half-staff Patriot Day reminder! The flags will be ordered to half-staff for Monday, September 11, 2017. Flags should remain at half-staff from sunrise to sunset.

When the flag is hoisted in the morning, it is raised to the peak (top of the pole) for a few moments. Then it is lowered to the mid-way point on the staff. The flag is to be raised again to the peak for a moment before it is lowered and removed at the end of the day.

The Flag Business Sixteen Years Ago

The attack on American soil on September 11, 2001 created a surge of Patriotism that overwhelmed the Flag Manufacturing industry beyond anything we could ever imagine.

Although I was stunned by the events of that day I knew I had a responsibility to snap out of my daze and prepare to serve my country by supplying the United States flag to the citizens of our country. I placed large orders with all my suppliers requesting immediate shipments. The phones started ringing. People appeared at my door with cash in hand to purchase flags and hardware so they could display our colors, support our country and stand united with the symbol of our National Flag.


At the end of the day, I attempted to check and return the hundreds of phone calls on my voice mail. I made a decision to shut down my website since I was barely able to service local business and my existing customers. One of my local suppliers allowed me to come to the factory on Saturdays to fill up my car with flags, poles, brackets and patriotic decorations so I would have inventory to offer for one more week. Deliveries from other factories around the country went back out the door as fast as they came in. Mayor Bloomberg’s office continuously called, day after day and wanted to purchase every flag I had on the shelf. The entire industry was operating at full speed in a state of pandemonium. The emotional drain of the attack had us all in a state of mental exhaustion.  Anything Red, White and Blue went flying off our shelves.


Sixteen years later, I am still privileged to sell the flag of the United States for a living. Corporate, military, government, and many other organizations still fly our flag every day. However, it seems that individual flag wavers have waned. I am always amazed at the number of banks and financial institutes that do NOT display our colors. Many of our veterans and civil servants still have a strong love for the flag and fly it regularly with pride. Has our sense of Patriotism diminished?

Fly your Flag with Pride!

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