Passover – Does your family have a crest?

Happy Passover (Pesach) … The Festival of Freedom.

The descendants of Abraham were made into slaves by the new Pharaoh who was threatened by the large number of people in this community.  Moses was told by God to have them set free. Pharaoh resisted so nine plagues came upon Egypt.  He agreed to let them leave after the tenth plague which resulted in the death of Egypt’s first born. The Israelites’ were spared since God told Moses to have them put sacrificial lamb’s blood on the doorframe of their house and God Passed Over their home.

The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. There were twelve tribes of Israel at that time. The tribes were broken into four groups that traveled together. Did you know that each group had their own flag represented by an eagle, an ox, a man, and a lion?

Perhaps you have a symbol that represents your clan. Fly your coat of arms in front of your business or home, on your boat, or at your family reunions.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote ABOUT FLAGS!


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