How to Dispose of an American Flag When Torn?

Is your American flag hanging by a thread on its pole? Has it torn or is it tattered?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, most people would suggest you invest in a new flag. But before you make the biggest campfire your neighborhood has ever seen, put down the matches and get informed on an alternate method of disposing your flag.

The most common misconception about disposing of the American flag is that the only respectful method is burning it. That’s why I am here, to be your personal myth-buster and explain an alternate method of American flag disposal.

Because many American flags these days are made from synthetic fibers, it may no longer be environmentally friendly to burn them. The artificial fibers released into the air may deteriorate the air quality. Instead of possibly sending toxic emissions into the air, alternatives include burying and/or shredding your American flag, recycling it, and giving it to a qualified organization (The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, etc.). Those are all respectful, dignified, and lawful ways to discard your flag!

Try this step-by-step guide for Dispose of an American Flag When Torn. You can also opt for Annin Flag Recycling Program.

Thanks to alternative methods, we can all breathe (slightly) cleaner air!

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