Fly Your Flag for VJ Day!

A flag flying day — VJ Day!

Fly your flag to celebrate VJ Day, or Victory Over Japan Day!  On August 14th, 1945, the announcement was made that Japan was surrendering unconditionally to the Allies. This effectively ended World War II and brought peace to many war-torn countries.Since then, America and the allied nations celebrate VJ Day — although some celebrate it on August 14, and some celebrate it on August 15.  It’s even celebrated on September 2!

Date confusion

The title “VJ Day” is applied to August 14th because that’s the day Japan announced it was surrendering. It is also used for August 15th because that was the first day of the two-day worldwide celebration. In Australia, the holiday is referred to as Victory in the Pacific, or VP Day, and it is celebrated on August 16th! However, the official, formal surrender didn’t take place until September 2, 1945 in Tokyo Bay. This happened aboard the U.S.S. Missouri and the term “VJ Day” is also given to the anniversary of this event. This date is technically the official end of WWII; and, many claim it as the real VJ Day.

Name confusion

Not only is the date confusing, but the name can be as well! In Korea, this holiday is known as Liberation Day or Independence Day because it signifies the end of Japanese control in that country.

As mentioned earlier, Australia celebrates it as VP Day, or Victory in the Pacific.

In the United States in 1946, President Harry S. Truman changed the name from Victory over Japan Day to Victory Day. However, most people still referred to it as VJ Day and that title persisted.  The “Victory Day” name is preferred by people who don’t want to embarrass the citizens of modern day Japan; subsequently, that name is gaining in popularity.

What to Do?

American FlagYou can call it VJ Day, VP Day, Liberation Day, or Victory Day. You can celebrate it on August 14th, August 15th, the 15th and the 16th, just the 16th, or even on September 2! Just make sure you fly your flag proudly! Why not fly it all month? And if it’s starting to look tattered and worn, get a good quality, made in America, brand new US flag at About Flags, Inc.!


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