Floor Mats for Winter

Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it snow… Are you prepared for winter?

We do more than just flags. Protect your reception areas from snow, salt and sludge with our custom floor mats.

We work extensively with Builders, Real Estate professionals and Property Managers. They use custom logo floor mats at their entry ways to display their corporate logo in high traffic areas. Perhaps you are a Hotel manager, Merchant, Municipality manager, Church Pastor, Hospital administer or a Country Club facilities person that use customized rugs at your locations.

There are all kind of mats to choose from. Flocked, looped, inlays, mats that absorb water.

They can be manufactured to the exact size and shape you need, in a wide variety of heavy duty commercial applications. Give us a call so we can brainstorm your particular project.

Here at ABOUT FLAGS we specialize in soft signage. Flags, Banners, Table covers and Tents are all made of various types of fabric that wave, flutter, can be rolled or folded. We use color, and motion to catch the eye. Our goal is to help you get your message “Waving Above Them All”.

Thank you for thinking ABOUT FLAGS!

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