Use Flag Poles that Rotate with the Wind this March

March Weather Calls for Wind-friendly Flag Poles.

March seems to have blown February away; the wind that we’ve been experiencing has made the winter seem even more bitter and unbearable, if that’s even possible. From the inside of the house, cuddled under blankets with your hunny and grasping a steaming mug of tea, the glittery snow and breeze are nothing less than picture perfect…until you’re forced to leave your cozy cocoon to brave the ruthless winter.

Have I made my point clear that I’m ready for spring? Thankfully March is the month that spring begins. Alas, there is hope!

With all that being said, are you worried about your flags wrapping around their flag poles and not being seen because of this crazy wind? Well, fret no more! AboutFlags sells three different kinds of flag poles that prove to be beneficial for those gusty days. The first of these is the WindChaser Banner Jr. Flag Pole & Socket, which has a swivel arm that rotates with the direction of the wind.  The WindChaser is perfect for getting your message across in any weather! The next wind-friendly flag pole is the Blade & Teardrop Flag Pole, which are rotating graphite pole sets that maximize flexibility and display. The Tangle-Free Spinning Pole extends diagonally from a deck, wall, etc. This flag pole is the most versatile and the easiest to install; you certainly won’t regret investing in it!

With these flag poles, central heating, and an insulated polar vortex-proof, you should be all set to “March” through the rest of winter!

P.S. (Large one-piece flag poles can be supplied with a rotating pulley system, called a truck. Call AboutFlags for details!)

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