Flag Construction

All of our United States Flags are made in the USA, including raw materials and labor.

Made in USA Flags: Fly the symbol of patriotism

America is a patriotic nation, and what better way to show your national pride than with a handsome, durable United States flag created with labor and materials from – that’s right, the USA? Our construction flags process is truly American through and through.

At About Flags, our made in USA flags are manufactured to always exceed U.S. government specifications. When you fly one of these flags, you can be proud of the workmanship and beauty built into it with our exacting process for construction. Flags are an important symbol of our country. Here are details on how we create these symbols.

Embroidered stars are on flag sizes 2’x3’ through 12’x18’. All of our flags are skillfully fashioned out of special, select fabrics that are dyed and woven specifically for the manufacturing of flags and always exceed the specifications established by the U.S. Government. See our fabrics page for more detailed information and to read a description of each material used in our process. All flag sizes 2’x3’ through 12’x18’ are outfitted with the largest, fully condensed, embroidered stars to ensure stunning quality. Flag sizes 15’x25’ and larger offer full-size sewn stars that also exceed U.S. Government Specifications.

Polyester canvas heading with number two solid brass rolled rim tooth grommets are on flags sizes 3′×5′ through 6′×10′. In sizes 3′×5′ through 6′×10′ heavy white polyester canvas heading and solid brass number two grommets are used to ensure durability.

Flag sizes 8’x12’ and larger, feature headings fabricated from extra-heavy, white polyester canvas and are equipped with nylon ropes along with galvanized metal thimbles to provide the increased durability and strength necessary to sustain larger flags.

All of our flags exceed the specifications for materials and workmanship instituted by the U.S. Government. In contrast with other flag companies, we render our flags using only first-rate, high-end, bonded nylon thread to create flags of a superior standard.

Determining Size
Flag Shapes
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