How to dispose of torn USA (American) flags

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It appears that winter is finally on its way out. For some of us this winter was quite a challenge.

Go outside and breathe some fresh air. Do you see the crocus and daffodils poking their head above the ground? How about the budding trees?

While you are checking out the landscape take a look at your flag. Is it winter worn? Perhaps you are ready to replace it and wondering what to do with that tired flag. I contacted Annin Flagmakers (one of my favorite suppliers) for a current update regarding proper Flag Retirement and Disposal…

“The Flag Code of the United States suggests that the Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. Today nearly 90 years since the Flag Code was originally written there are many municipalities that have laws prohibiting burning. Moreover, the fabrics used to make flags are now mostly synthetic fabrics and have the potential of giving off toxic fumes when burned.
If this is the situation that you are facing, you have other options;
You may disassemble the Flag into pieces, removing the blue star field, thereby rendering it no longer a Flag and then dispose of the pieces of fabric as you would any other piece of cloth or you can try and contact civic organizations in your area, often they will accept and ceremoniously dispose of U.S. Flags that are in need of retirement.”

In our area there are boxes (similar to a USPS mailbox) outside public building where you can deposit old flags. Our township building has one as does the local American Legion. Fire departments, political or veterans groups, even local Boy Scout chapters have been known to collect worn out flags that need disposal.

Spring is almost here. Freshen up your landscape with bright new colors and a brand new USA Flag.

Thank you for thinking ABOUT FLAGS!

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