Days to Fly the United States Flag in 2011

The United States of America is unique in the fact that government institutions fly the national flag every day, and that the public can display the flag whenever they choose. However, there are several days throughout the year when the United States flag should be flown, and those days are as follows:

New Year’s Day                                                                              January 1st

Martin Luther King Day                                           (observed) January 17th

Lincoln’s Birthday                                                                          February 12th

President’s Day (third Monday in February)        (observed) February 21st

Easter Sunday (variable)                                                              April 21st

Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May)                                      May 8th

Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May)                             May 21st

Memorial Day (half staff till noon)                          (observed) May 30th

Flag Day                                                                                          June 13th

Father’s Day (third Sunday in June)                                          June 19th

Independence Day                                                                        July 4th

Labor Day (first Monday in September)                                   September 5th

Patriot Day (half staff)                                                                 September 11th

Constitution Day                                                                           September 17th

Columbus Day (second Monday in October)        (observed) October 10th

Navy Day                                                                                       October 27th

Veterans Day                                                                                November 11th

Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)               November 24th

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day                                              December 7th

Christmas Day                                                                              December 25th

Please remember to observe these special flag flying days with your own United States Flag!

List taken from Annin Flagmakers Catalog.

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