COUNTERFEIT FLAGS?! Are Your United States Flags Made in America?

I recently met with one of my salesmen who was in town for a meeting with the FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America). This organization has established a certification program to ensure that American Flags are “Made in the USA”.

The meeting was called to order because some of the major manufacturers learned that their products are being misrepresented online. Consumers are led to believe that their online purchase is “Made in America” by a particular USA company they are familiar with. Many patriotic flag wavers like a certain brand they trust, and purchased flags that gave them positive performance results. They confidently order product online and sometimes receive a counterfeit item that may even have been imported.

About flags Inc has been a retail distributor of flags, banners and flagpoles for over 28 years. Our President worked in production management for two major flag manufacturers in this great country. We understand the “needle and threads” of this industry. We know the production methods and available fabrics that make the most sense for your particular project. We can help you understand why you may want Nylon, 2 Ply Polyester, Polyester Knit, Poplin, Vinyl, Vinyl Mesh or Sunbrella. We will ask the right questions to help you make the correct decisions based on your message, budget and effective display. We have “hands on” knowledge of Flagpoles and Hardware. Not all “spinning poles” are made the same way and we have preferences when considering durability and effectiveness.

We would like the opportunity to speak with you about your particular flag waving applications, brainstorm your needs, consider your options and achieve a result that will get your brand flying high.

Did I mention we can help you with everything you need for your trade shows, sporting events, brokers open or grand openings? This includes Table Covers, Pop-ups, Tents and Custom Door Mats.

We are located in Montgomery County which is in close proximity to Valley Forge and Philadelphia. Yep… Betsy and George met in this vicinity to discuss the particulars of our great flag. We are currently gearing up for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Delegates from all over the country will soon be meeting here in July. We look forward to welcoming them in a banner way.

Don’t get stuck with a counterfeit flag. Don’t flounder through a website that is difficult to navigate. By local from our woman owned business. #makeitmontco

Does it flutter? Does it wave? Can you fold it? Can you roll it? Soft Signage… that’s what we do best. Using color and motion your get your message waving about them all.

Pick up the phone and lets’ talk ABOUT FLAGS!

Bob Caggiano Vice President at Annin Flagmaker is featured in the video bellow. Check it out… Buy American.

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