Celebrating Father’s Day

Hi flag lovers! It’s Sarah here.

Not sure what to get your husband or father for Father’s Day? Maybe you don’t have the budget for that new Weber grill he’s been drooling over, or maybe the kids (if they’re anything like me) are just so darn good at procrastinating that it’s come to three days before the holiday and still don’t have a gift.

Luckily, I have the perfect solution: buy him a flag! As crazy as it may sound, flags can serve as the perfect present for your man or your dad. If he is/was in the military, buy him one of these armed forces flags so he can display his dedication to his country. If he’s an avid sports fanatic, check out these college and national team flags; he’s sure to love them! If he’s a military re-enacter or just a regular guy, a big ‘ole flag pole may be just the gift for him to display his favorite flag.

Lastly, remember that Father’s Day is not just about the gift you get him. It’s simply about appreciating him for all he has done for you and your family. Acts of kindness, respect, and love are all he really needs this Father’s Day…but a flag is certainly the cherry on top of a perfect celebration.

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