Celebrate the Season with Autumn and Halloween Flags!

Well it is fall here in Pennsylvania and I am enjoying the crisp Autumn air and colorful landscape that is just gorgeous.  The other week my hubby and I ventured out to find an orchard in hopes of picking fresh, local apples. We ended up at TABORA Farm & Orchard, which is conveniently located near our home. It was a great day to be outside running through the trees in search of the best and juiciest apples. This was a first for me and I wish I thought to bring my handy Grab Stick that I use to reach items on high shelves. I assure you next year I will be better prepared since the apples that were most enticing to me were way above my head. All the fruit and vegetables were fabulous. I could have eaten the entire loaf of Whole Grain Bread I purchased, in the car, on the ride home. The Oatmeal Raisin cookies were so delectable. It is a good thing my husband drug me out of the store by my ear or I would still be on my bicycle trying to work off the damage.

We have a few fall and Halloween flags that may interest you as we get into the season.

Keep in Mind Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Maybe you will have guests for dinner and want to express your hospitality.

Hopefully I will find another adventure this weekend although I really should work on the Summer/Winter closet exchange… UGH…

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