Are Your Balloons About to Burst?

Need Helium? Seems like our Presidential hopefuls know where to get it. Just kidding…

I’m told realtors are having trouble obtaining helium to inflate balloons at their Open Houses. Here at ABOUT FLAGS we are trying to offer solutions to attract attention with color and movement, without the burden of blowing up and transporting balloons. Something you can easily roll up at the end of day and stick in your trunk for next Sunday when you are featuring another Home for Sale.

real estate attention flags

These Real Estate Attention Flags are 12″ x 18” and mounted on a 48” x ½” wood dowel.  Bright Day-Glo Plastic flags that will flutter above your real estate sign and catch the eye using color and motion. We sell them in packs of six with or without the stick. Perhaps you can use two flags per sign that shout out the shades of your agency.

The Wigglers are another item that has been pretty popular.  The staff towers 6 feet with multiple flags that can be the same or assorted colors of your choice.

We are exploring yet another idea that is still being tested. We look forward to offering practical, cost effective methods of announcing your presence. Stay tuned…

Let us help your company Wave Above Them All. Fly High with ABOUT FLAGS.


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