2014 Winter Olympics


The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia is drawing to a close and I am reminded of the ancient games at the Coliseum in Rome. The competitive nature of the event fills us with excitement, suspense, dedication and skill at its best. Fortunately modern games do not compete to death.

While watching TV one cannot help but notice the flags waving at every event. Tall Rectangular Flags, Teardrop shapes, Feathers, Pennants, a blast of color and motion that adds to the splendor of the experience. Do you have a special event that warrants a spectacular presentation? Clickhere to view our Blade flags.

Then there are the International flags… All sizes, large flags for in-ground or parade poles to small hand held stick flags. They represent about 88 countries that are participating in the Sochi games. Perhaps YOU would like to acknowledgement and display your ethnic heritage with pride.

Can we help you make a statement and achieve your goals?
Think ABOUT FLAGS and WAVE above them all.

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